Be A Holy Priesthood – 1st Samuel 2: 12 – 36

Key Verse – 1st Samuel 2:35

“And I will raise up for Myself a faithful priest, who will do according to what is in My heart and mind.  I will firmly establish his house, and he will minister before my anointed forever.”

During study and prayer, God led me to a very difficult passage.  Difficult because it forced me to look into myself and take a check on the life I was living before the people I have been called to serve.  It caused me to examine whether or not the life I was walking lined up with the Gospel I had been preaching and with the call of God on my life.  As a person who prides myself on living a life of Godly character and integrity, it was literally grieving to me (and even in some ways offensive) that my life may not be lining up with the office for which I have been called.  To this end, God began to talk to me about the need for a “Recall to Holiness” with clergy and church leadership.

As I think about it, it would appear that we have come into a time in which many, who operate in leadership positions in the church, have lowered the standards of the office of the priesthood.  Many have compromised their walk in such a way that now the people we have been called to serve are rejecting the Gospel of Christ due to the corrupt behavior of those who hold ministerial offices.  The name of God is being blasphemed because of the open and unrepentant sin of those who are suppose to bring Him glory.

Lines of right and wrong have become so blurry that there now seems to be no difference between the pulpit and the pews.  What use to be taboo for a pastor and/or Christian leader has now become wide spread, if not even the expected and accepted norm.  Consequently, leading a dying world into a sold out life for Christ has become more difficult than ever before. Because the truth is that you can not effectively lead someone to a place you are not willing to go yourself.  Thus, it becomes crucial to the success of the Gospel that we begin to take a regular check on our walk.  If any behavior holds the slightest possibility of leading someone astray, we have to be willing to humble ourselves, repent, and turn to holiness.  As vessels called to minister before the Lord it is a must that we develop an hunger for “blameless” living.  It is a must that we reestablish a level of consecration that allows God to use us unhindered by compromise.

Genesis 17:1 -2

When Abram was ninety-nine years old the Lord appeared to Abram and said to him, “I am God Almighty;  walk before me, and be blameless, 2 that I may make my covenant between Me and you, and may multiply you greatly.”

I believe it is the heart of God to bring to your mind that holiness is the standard. As we enter into this time of the greatest outpouring of God’s Spirit the world has ever known, it is imperative that we become passionate pursuers of a consecrated and holy lifestyle.  Not as a position of “legalism” or “righteousness through works”, but from a position of honoring God and being true to the great privilege of ministry for which we have been given stewardship over.

Romans 12:1

Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God–this is your spiritual act of worship.

The time has passed (and really has never been) for compromising pulpits. I am not saying this as a point of judgement, but as a point of accountability. As fellow ministers of the Gospel of Christ, let’s reestablish a righteous standard.  Let’s encourage one another to strive for holiness.  Ministry is not a right.  It is a privilege.  And in these last days, I believe, true anointing will rest in the hands of those who make God’s righteous standard for their lives a priority.

Be Encouraged Today!

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